God is the Governor of the universe: he appoints the stars their courses; he makes the raging elements to fulfil his will [Note: Psalms 148:8. In this respect, especially, “none of us liveth to himself,” etc. a. BibliographyJamieson, Robert, D.D. 1832. V. Again, we are not our own. Our times are in God's hand in this sense, that He alone has chosen for us the period of the world in which we should live. Psalm 31 Meaning Confidence (14-15a) But just at that point – after cataloging the reasons for his fear and anxiety – that’s when David renews his expressions of confidence in the Lord in verse 14 and the first part of verse 15. 1865-1868. "The 1599 Geneva Study Bible". ]; but none could take away his life, till he had finished the course marked out for him. And because he is reconciled to God in Christ he believes that providence will bring good to him. Verses 1-18 are a prayer. 1801-1803. ], than one of the Lord’s little ones shall perish [Note: Matthew 18:14. 4. Popularity relative to other verses in Psalm chapter 31 using average monthly Google searches. ].” Even the falling of a hair of our head, trifling as it is, takes not place but by his appointment [Note: Matthew 10:30.]. You are ignorant and erring: will that give occasion to infinite pity to mislead you or neglect you, and you right upon your march towards the opportunity of scanning all His dealings with you, and of scanning them in the light of a knowledge which it is His purpose shall eternally increase? He devoutly and joyfully recognizes it. That he might the more cheerfully commit the preservation of his person to God, he assures us, that, trusting to his divine guardianship, he did not trouble himself about those casual and unforeseen events which men commonly dread. And well may the believer joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that all the perfections of the adorable I Am are engaged to promote his welfare and to effect his salvation. Deliver me from the hand of mine enemies] Oh command deliverances for me; for thou canst easily do it. ]: but he will suffer none to come upon you which he will not enable you to bear, none which he will not sanctify to your eternal good [Note: 1 Corinthians 10:13.]. In one set of circumstances it is delayed; in another it is hastened; but no circumstances, no precautions, however incessant, can preserve it for ever. Hutchings.). Ver. It is by faith. 3. III. Jeremiah’s prophetic ministry lasted for about fifty years. But it refers to the future death of torment which Satan as the executioner of Divine justice is commissioned to inflict. II. BibliographyPoole, Matthew, "Commentary on Psalms 31:15". The close of life is not decided by the sharp knife of the fates; but by the hand of love. They believe that God has formed a number of self-acting machines. 1. ].” Paul was in perils innumerable, “and in deaths oft [Note: 2 Corinthians 11:23-27. We read of “set times to favour Zion.” Such times are the cordials of life, catches of sunlight upon our spiritual prospect, the wells of water and the palms at which we arrive as we journey through the wilderness. "Commentary on Psalms 31:15". Let us therefore contentedly leave ourselves to his all-wise disposal, assured that “he doeth all things well,” and will make “all things to work together for good to them that love him.”]. https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/jfb/psalms-31.html. Times of waiting for the Lord--for His own time of giving what is good, and for His own way of doing us good. ],” any further than our God shall see good to permit it. To get what Psalm 31:15 means based on its source text, scroll down or follow these links for the original scriptural meaning , biblical context  and relative popularity. Darby's English Translation 31:15 My times are in thy hand: deliver me from the hand of mine enemies, and from my persecutors. When did David say in the prayer, and confidence of faith, “My times are in thy hand?”--it was when fear was on every side, and in so doing, he took an extended view of the providence of God, and honoured Him. Unknown to us as the times to come are, it should be sufficient to our full repose that they are known to God. ]:” if God see fit to keep us, we are as safe “in a den of lions” as in a house of friends. It is true of the times of their worldly prosperity and adversity. It is not a statement merely; it is a self-gratulation also, with something of a thanksgiving besides. He hides from us the view of futurity, because the view would be dangerous and overpowering. 1. Charles Simeon's Horae Homileticae. ], [To every man “there is an appointed time upon earth [Note: Job 7:1. A. Kerr Bain, M. My times are in thy hand—Not only the duration of my life, but my fortunes and vicissitudes, are at thy sovereign disposal. If we fret, we shall not glorify God; and we shall not constrain others to see what true religion can do for us in the hour of tribulation. In all ages the men who have done right have been successful. 31:15 The chances of my life are in your hand; take me out of the hands of my haters, and of those who go after me. Too many of us--alas!--never think of this solemn truth. 1870. And so of men’s departure from this world: they not only come, but go at God’s bidding. "The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge". But unexpectedly we have a “windfall”;--reaping where and what we have never sown--and we call the windfall “a providence.” What comes in the ordinary course of things is no providence; so we poor, morally illogical creatures say; but whatever takes place that we cannot account for, we call a providential dispensation. My times are in thy hand - The events of my life are under thy control. Life teaches us to make good use of time, while time teaches us the value of life. Psalm 31:15 Translation & Meaning. margin and text; 1 Kings 8:59). Rescue me from those who hunt me down relentlessly." Or rather. Every man has a certain work assigned him to do, and when it is done, or ought to have been done, then he has to make room for others. BibliographyExell, Joseph S. "Commentary on "Psalms 31:15". Many sought to apprehend our Lord; but “they could not lay hands on him till his hour was come [Note: John 7:30; John 8:20. Both David’s times and ours are marked by instability. We shall see that our times are in God's hand if we consider how impotent comparatively we are in respect to all the elements around us, how liable in a moment to be called hence. John Calvin commented: “He does not use the plural number [“times”], in my opinion, without reason; but rather to mark the variety of casualties by which the life of man is usually harassed” (Calvin’s Commentaries[Associated Publishers & Authors], 2:351). ], as he sees occasion. 3. We shall live as long as God has appointed; we shall pass through such changes as he directs; we shall die when and where and how he chooses. Though my soul is among lions, yet no lion can bite me while Jehovah’s angel is my guard. ].”], 2. This He may do, by taking away our lives, or our sensibility, or the means of grace themselves. In You, O LORD, I put my trust; Let me never be ashamed; Deliver me in Your righteousness. "Shine the light of your face" is another way of saying "be kind". (19-24) Commentary on Psalm 31:1-8 (Read Psalm 31:1-8). ].” Our days are protracted to an advanced age, if he be pleased to uphold us; if not, our course is finished as soon as ever it is commenced. Psalms 31:16 Make thy face to shine upon thy servant: save me for thy mercies' sake. The affairs of men he more especially controls. This truth should reconcile us to the stroke of death when it comes to ourselves or others. The times will never come when we shall begin to be at our own disposal, and cease to depend on God’s sovereign will. "Commentary on Psalms 31:15". Satan says, “Now you have a large family, and your chief duty is to provide for them. The God in whose hands our times are holds the times of all other human beings, holds all agencies, directs all events according to the counsel of His will, and we shall be successful only when we place ourselves directly in harmony with His laws. 4. "Commentary on Psalms 31:15". That none shall hurt us without his permission—, [As we depend on God for our happiness as well as for our existence, so are both our being and our well-being secured by him. I 2In you, LORD, I take refuge;a let me never be put to shame. The psalmist gives to the fact his cordial personal consent. ב בְּךָ-יְהוָה חָסִיתִי, אַל-אֵבוֹשָׁה לְעוֹלָם; בְּצִדְקָתְךָ פַלְּטֵנִי. Be a rock of refuge for me, a strong fortress to save me. ].” “God holdeth our souls in life [Note: Psalms 66:9. (Canon Liddon. Popularity rankings are based on search volume data from the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool. ].” “Neither the arrow that flieth by day, nor the pestilence that walketh in darkness, can hurt us. And--, 1. Times trying to my patience, Times of personal and relative affliction and distress.
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