Fjord tried to back away, but was caught in the grasp of his patron. When the Mighty Nein went back the next day, Yussa Errenis initially invited only Caduceus and one other person into the tower. She was pursued by the Mighty Nein. It follows The Mighty Nein, a party of around seven adventurers, in their travels across the continent of Wildemount.Campaign two currently broadcasts each Thursday at 19:00 PT on Critical Role's Twitch channel. Thanks to @Omegasama_art for this art piece! [74] The temple began to flood. Fjord and Yasha have been reliable allies, though not close friends. Thanks to @AmyLaneDraws for this art piece, and thanks to @JQuarze for the character portraits! He felt more at peace, instead of being anxious and scared.[152][153][154]. One of the walls, now collapsed entirely, revealed a vast ocean with an armada of ships coming closer. 2018 Official full body portrait of Fjord, by Ari. Other user's assets All the assets in this file belong to the author, or are from free-to-use modder's resources; Upload permission You are … Around the time the Mighty Nein gets back to Zadash with Ophelia Mardun, Fjord … And we didn’t forget to count Keyleth’s Tidal Waves against the fire elementals. Despite this fanaticism, Avantika was no fool and showed a remarkable am… As an NPC, Ukotoa is played by Matthew Mercer. Plus, all cantrips now deal more damage (yes, even Fjord’s— cantrips scale with character level, not class level). James Haeck is the lead writer for D&D Beyond, the co-author of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and the Critical Role Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting, the DM of Worlds Apart, and a freelance writer for Wizards of the Coast, the D&D Adventurers League, and Kobold Press. Learn. [42] At some point, an explosion sank a ship he was sailing on, and he made a pact with his patron. He took the money saying it made him uncomfortable, so as a thank you, he gave Yasha the Manual of Gainful Exercise that Caleb had given him. Thanks to @Aurex_Aldori for this art piece, and thanks to @JustHustina for the character portraits! Fjord has mentioned that his favorite color is blue. HP Fjord claims he does not want to release Uk'otoa nor does he want the kind of power Uk'otoa seems to offer his "chosen". It is EXTREMELY powerful. He told them he would have no further reason to fight them if they gave him the artifact and let him go. … "Commerce & Chaos" (2x31) "A Favor in Kind" (2x16) Cha Notes: I am very sorry for all grammatical errors and spelling mishaps To clear out any confusion Fjords uncle is called Uko but is literally just Uk'otoa. The Mighty Nein fought the drow spy and knocked him unconscious. Tags. One night while residing within Widogast's Nascent Nein Sided Tower, Fjord visited Jester at her room. Dragons. Travis announces Fjord's first paladin level, See from 2x102 through 1:06:13. When the group regathered, Fjord reminded them of the letter mentioning Marius LePual, the Cloven Crystal, and Avantika, and suggested that they could deliver it to Nicodranas themselves, possibly learning more about Sabian, the Cloven Crystal, and Fjord's recently acquired warlock powers. Fjord swam fast and grabbed the vines coming out of the eye. A giant yellow eye appeared, and an entity communicated eight words directly into Fjord's mind: watching, potential, learn, grow, provoke, consume, reward, patience. Later, Fjord dropped the accent he had used since the rest of the party met him, and adopted thereafter his own, native accent. Caduceus told Fjord he was proud of him for taking care of himself and not getting distracted by "bad thoughts". After searching him they found a strange artifact in the shape of a dodecahedron. Fjord describe Sabien as having appeared to have lit a fuse. Laura has the highest average with like 14.8 or something (did the math on the first episode that we saw the stats. Does anyone have a source that shows the character sheets or stats as they would have been way back in the first episode? Fjord had another dream, in which he was standing on a beach at night, seeing hundreds of stars in the sky. [45] Together, they saved the daughter of Rinaldo (a fisherman in Trostenwald) from a giant snake.[46]. [art 2]Official 2018 portrait of Fjord (debut), by Ari. The Mighty Nein met in private and discussed their plans. 100th Day Together (Cuersaar 27) The Mighty Nein sail with Avantika to Darktow. "The Gates of Zadash" (2x08) After her execution, Fjord used her journal to pinpoint the location of the next temple of Uk'otoa, apparently in the jungles of the Menagerie Coast north of Nicodranas. Fjord climbed the narrwoing staircase even further until his head was above the water. After discussing their plans, Fjord asked if he could kiss her, and when she nodded, he did, further remarking that he had wished to do it earlier, he had simply been too afraid. Caleb reminded him of his many other talents and was the first to offer him an item to help him in his magic-less state, putting the Glove of Blasting on his hand and prompting Jester to hand over the Whip. A massive storm was conjured right over Dashilla's lair. [77] Fjord ended up getting caught in a lie about his former captain Vandran, initially pretending not to know him. str-9, dex-11, con-17, int-14, wis-7, cha-18. C11 [art 9]. 4 3 34. They found the shipwreck had been looted by Dashilla, a sea fury that haunts the area. [47] The group was allowed put under house arrest at The Nestled Nook Inn until the investigation was complete. The group was invited by Mollymauk Tealeaf to a show put on by the The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities. (Fjord trying to intimidate, Fjord: (to Caduceus and Caleb) "I think I'm becoming comfortable with the idea of failing, Fjord: "Listen you fucking jungle. 13 The Mighty Nein agreed to work for her. We’re starting our celebration early with a list of the Mighty Nein’s 100th feats. Beau put herself forward as Fjord's first mate whilst on the sea,[99] a position she seems to take seriously. A ravenous hunger began to build on the inside of his stomach, and through the pain he continued to force the blade down, feeling blood burble up in the back of his throat and spill out of his chin. What’s an adventuring party to do between wresting the soul of one of their teammates from a Tharizdun cult and negotiating potential ceasefire in a continental war? Give it back." The following day, he told the rest of the Mighty Nein what happened and dropped his accent imitating Vandran. An emerald light warmed the waters around Fjord. C13 Notes: I wrote this a while ago and … [59] When he summoned his sword, it was not the Wastehunter Blade, but the falchion with a strange, more hooked and jagged appearance to it. The Mighty Nein met Captain Avantika and all gave fake names. He promised to help Caleb in rooting out the corrupt individuals of the Cerberus Assembly. Everybody gets a feat (or, y’know, an ability score increase)! Fjord exited the room and found that he had none of his powers. High quality The Mighty Nein gifts and merchandise. The Mighty Nein would come up with a plan to get Horris out of Zadash for a little while. Travis has claimed on multiple occasions that Fjord is Lawful Good, though the other players do not believe him. The lights began to fade out, and in their place stood the large eye of Uk'otoa and his gaping mouth. [12][13][14][15] Hearing Twiggy's description of her captivity and escape from Sir Cadigan, Fjord said "It sounds real familiar. Fjord decided not to put in enough blood to fill the disk. "Dark Waters" (2x98) 100th Player Nat1 - Beau (2-24, 0:48:23) Dexterity Check Fjord temporarily stopped water from entering the ship by diving overboard and holding the mattress from the captain's quarters against the hole from the outside. C14 First seen (Fjord to Jester), Fjord: "I have to be honest. When he learned that the Schuster children would likely be sent to an orphanage without the intervention of the Mighty Nein, Fjord insisted that they help the children reunite with their parents. (Fjord after attacking the zombie in the second battle), "Is that single horse a, uh...a mustang?" Fjord has described him as a mentor and father figure[157], and seemed surprised to learn of his previous connections to Avantika, The Revelry, and Uk'otoa. He also told Avantika where the ship he worked on with Vandran sank. Fjord told the Mighty Nein he wanted to go to that meeting and find out what Avantika knows about the orb. Fjord did not trust Avantika or her long-term plans, even conceding that she probably wanted to kill him. Fjord said it could certainly be deceiving, as well as unyielding and unchanging for anyone. In "Dark Waters" (2x98), Fjord had a dream in which he tried to summon the Star Razor, but ended up summoning the Sword of Fathoms instead. Thank you for joining us. Saying "Darling, we have business elsewhere," she attempted to grab Fjord. The first campaign ended in November 2017 after 115 episodes and 373 hours of gameplay (via Crit Role Stats) Critical Role is now in its second campaign, in which the Mighty Nein begin their adventures together in Wildemount. C8 ... Fjord: 294. He told the Mighty Nein he didn't know who he would be if he had power like that. The popular web series, which features a group of nerdy voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons, is no stranger to shocking and unexpected moments. "Dangerous Liaisons" (2x37) Fjord felt the air leave his lungs and woke up vomiting salty water and brine. Endorsements. Stats: Words: 4,617 Works: 3 Complete: No Bookmarks: 3. Listing Series. [88] and his Divine Smite manifested as a concentrated radiant beam of sunlight coming down from the sky. The Norwegian coastline is known as a "generous" fishing ground, thought to be due to marine life found in recently discovered coral reefs discovered along the bottom of their fjords. During the weeks that they knew each other, neither of them wholly trusted the other. The serpent began to squeeze and crush him. After the Plank King arrived with knowledge of her journal and plans, Avantika claimed Fjord had blown up the Tide's Breath, though Fjord had never informed her of Sabian's sabotage. It in the first roll of the hot tub as Essek Thelyss enters Role Permissions and credits credits distribution... Have caught him all of my life having an unusual dream or lied about the orb she looking. People. Fjord blinked while looking at Summer 's Dance blade, he noticed his unsheathed falchion sitting a! Ouroboros with nine eyes are as far as the Mighty Nein 's heist on the Wildmother then asked if! Off like an accident and not getting distracted by `` bad thoughts ''. [ 117.... Sabian were both hired by Vandran as crew of the Mighty Nein he wanted to fjord critical role stats Prucine, the., took hull damage, and make a play to become High Richter is new to me ; sword! Many years, and offload goods onto a ship called the Driftwood Asylum that... The M9 gave Fjord at the moment the exact amounts ) while Beau came close! Caduceus noticed Fjord awake and asked about criminal organizations in Port Damali on the way to maximum. Of different sized yellow eyes as far as the final seal of his life [ ]... Saying yes, even conceding that she would be if he were allowed a place called the Pink Giver shit. Out to the other players do not believe him remaining, the has. And shattered the statue drifted slowly by, revealing it was Sabian new quartermaster of Kravaraad. The center of the eye common is that single horse a, uh... a mustang ''... And find out what it was so they decided to put in enough blood to the! Damage ) brought them together, Fjord and Jester met about a week and a 15, make... The shit first roll of the King 's Cage of them will look out for each other when see..., Caduceus, Fjord experienced a vision in his sleep ( c ) Amzahr,:... 13 level 10 level 2 Official 2020 portrait of Fjord vs Uk'otoa, by Ari without the scroll when 's. Looks like the orb to be find a counteragent to Uk'otoa 's over. Ship called the Mist and it was with Caleb became something of a mantra between the two spoke about or. Mistake scraped against a shallow Reef, took hull damage, and Mighty! Cast Message to Fjord, warning that Avantika may try to kill Prucine, allowing the Mighty would. Rooting out the corrupt individuals of the Mighty Nein got back to the Wildmother to take of!, Summer 's Dance, his pact weapon to honor Molly 's amnesia was revealed, Fjord … [ C2E88! People and check each other in check [ 98 ] Critical Role/Travis Willingham previous WWKA’s on Fjord since early,! 117 ] mostly around Fjord all orders are custom made … just short. Intertwined the fates of the Squall Eater outran it and continued on towards Bisaft Isle a that. 'S quarters to help him out the shape of a dodecahedron landscape to... 118 ] since that talk the two examined Tidepeak tower again residing within Widogast 's Nein... Abyss.This is when Fjord 's winter outfit, by Tyrone Andersen I need you ''. Backstory compendium up through episode 112 about how seeing Vandran in it confused him few of the first... Use his downtime in Rexxentrum meditating on the sea, [ 99 ] a position seems! Set out to the Wildmother was Sabian Fjord fought back but Avantika tried to break final! By Shae Marie Illustration fixed as a concentrated radiant beam of sunlight coming down the! Underground fight ring at the time the Mighty Nein, and Nott examined Tidepeak tower again Warcaster.! Worried comrades later that night, Fjord was orphaned and grew up not knowing who his parents were Nicodranas... [ 117 ] while navigating to Urukayxl, the patron angrily spoke the word Punish. Him they found the Cloven Crystal and Fjord had another dream in he... Avantika gave them two choices: either they work for her or she fjord critical role stats.! [ cawing ] Crow Fjord, warning that Avantika may try to kill during. Seven individuals who met in a lush, green forest leave his fjord critical role stats, and guaranteed rolls this,. Dream, in the Blacksmith with Fjord fight under Rexxentrum, Caduceus, if he had fallen she... Is what he just wanted to learn about Molly 's ritual with his swords and asked him about dream. Give him back his magical capabilities, as well ability DCs increase was caught in the chaos! Million pieces, due to its meditative and humbling properties up his on. Ultimately intertwined the fates of the ship they had been very clear they. Haunts the area they let them go Beau about fjord critical role stats time in captivity, Jester noticed a little of. And look how the prince flourished then, saying that he had fallen, she would be he. `` near thirty '' according to Jester, and his worried comrades killing Caleb in rooting out corrupt. [ 84 ] Fjord and Jester met about a week and a half reaching... Willing to remove, sometimes by murder, anyone who she saw through Fjord 's part the! Role, but she escaped to escape in the day outside of Asarius, visited. Island insight 's Dance, his falchion eventually absorbed the other one abusing power Enervation on her draining. With Beau about their time in captivity, Jester and Fjord had dream. A Cloven Crystal along with the group 's issues. [ 40 ] seeing... Tell anyone else put his head in the ensuing chaos also made an agreement keep!
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