Thanks for the welcome @abs-oluteM and @wallflowersforjane, I'll do my bit. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Please do not resort to any unnecessary copyright strikes. And then the last thirteen minutes of Episode 12 happened, and all around the world, Wintergarden fans squealed in delight as Jeong-won finally revealed the depth of his feelings for Gyeo-ul. ahn jeong won < > Lovely Title you create there!! Hospital Playlist 2. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. She is still not processing what she had heard. This video is made for Entertainment purposes especially for the fans, not for profit. 7-12] | Hospital Playlist - YouTube The owner edited the scenes to make that WinterGarden is dating secretly inside the hospital without telling anyone. He had always accepted the other female doctors' and nurses' requests despite knowing that they were hitting on him. TBH I also hv a slight concern that the writer will troll us with some angst  . Ep 12 did not only reveal merely that Jeongwon has feelings for Gyeoul; it was also revealed that he liked her right from the start. Jang Gyeo-ul (Winter) x Ahn Jeong-won (Garden) Played by Shin Hyun-been and Yoo Yeon-seok For the 12 long episodes of Hospital Playlist Season 1, Wintergarden Detectives examined, analysed, speculated, hoped and prayed for the coming together of paediatric surgeon Ahn Jeong-won and third-year general surgery resident Jang Gyeo-ul. Lol ! Do you guys think there will be a time jump ? Currently Watching: More Than Friends, Start-Up, Three Meals A Day: Fishing Village 5, 2D1N. I can't stop thinking about Hospital Playlist so I wrote some things. But they should know better then to break them up knowing that the WG fandom is huge ! Egg drop May 28 2020 2:02 pm I need moreeeeeeee of ikjun and song hwa, jun wan and iksun, jeong won and gyeo ul, seok hyeong and mina momentsssss and 2021 is … AHN JEONG WON EXPLAIN YOURSELF Btw the scene of Ik Jun and Dr. Bong making a bet on Gyeo Ul’s love life, using the 10,000 won Ik Jun got from Jeong Won was hilarious May 8 5,115 replies @wallflowersforjane Wow! -- CS Lewis. It's easy! That it was not clear how he felt & that everything that led up to the kiss was sudden . If you are the owner of any content used in this video and wanted it to be remove please email me on When Jeong-won slid the cream cakes over to her, our eyes widened. Yeah this ship will continue to S2 and beyond . Played by Shin Hyun-been and Yoo Yeon-seok Thanks, JangHaven, Earning a badge in Janghaven makes me feel like I graduated from a class, ​ ❄️ ​Wintergarden ❄️​ | Ahn Jeong-won & Jang Gyeo-ul, Confessions Is Not Flashy - Ahn Jeong-won Version, But wait, the journey isn't quite over yet. Before the kiss, Jang Gyeo Ul delivered a memorable line when she confessed to Ahn Jeong Won, saying, “Instead of staying by God’s side, stay by my side.” About her character’s intentions, Shin Hyun Bin commented, “I think When they laughed together, we cheered. He additionally provides her a bouquet of pink roses and hypes up her relationship life amongst different medical doctors and Jeong-won occurs to be one of them. When Jeong-won was left by the curb-side, we commiserated with him. When Gyeo-ul was rejected, our hearts broke with her. I suppose we should do this chronologically but since we already know the outcome... why pretend otherwise , Currently Watching: To Love (C) Kairos, Awaken, The Uncanny Counter. The doctors and nurses know of Jeong-won's interest in becoming a priest and yet they try to do their best, just in case. Just the day prior, he had unknowingly betrayed Jeong-won’s lies to the GS resident. Yay, thank you for the vids! Personally I'm hoping for not too long of a time skip. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Wanna join this ship. Woot woot @wallflowersforjane the first post !!!!   Jeong won ️ Gyeo ul [Ep. I'm ready for 2020 to end, but not ready for the end of the year. In some ways 2020 went by slowly and in some ways it flew by. Technically, that man is Gyeo-wool’s youthful brother who’s doing Gyeo-wool a favor by dropping her at her hospital. Eeeee! I am sure we still have them quite regularly as we re-watch the scenes, the series or just wonder what S2 will bring for Jeong-won and Gyeo-ul. yulje's ghostie (@chaesonghwamnda) Tweeted: Jang Gyeo-ul (Winter) x Ahn Jeong-won (Garden), Played by Shin Hyun-been and Yoo Yeon-seok. CLOY 4. I'll do my best to remove or re-edit it ASAP. Ahn Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok) for the first time rejected someone's request to treat them for lunch. Berita Lainnya : Zuho SF9 Gabung Daehyun B.A.P Bintangi Web Drama Baru Thank you! At the same time, Jeongwon could not help his feelings to continue to grow, giving Gyeoul everything she needs, not to mention love and affection. Hello @40somethingahjumma @akikisetsu @Doesntmatter @Wintergardener, welcome! Hope it continues to sail in Season 2. Jang Gyeo-ul (Winter) x Ahn Jeong-won (Garden) Winter Garden Session 1×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°×°I don't own these Pictures, Music or any other content used in the video. For the 12 long episodes of Hospital Playlist Season 1, Wintergarden Detectives examined, ana, Neighbors~ Found this FMV when I was looking through YT. Just curious to see what they have prepared for WG.Which means I want S2 to start from the end of episode 12.Gyeoul and viewers need to hear from Jeong Won when he started to rethink his decision to leave and when he was planning" to talk to that someone first". However, he rejects Dr Gyeo-wool (Shin Hyun-Bin). #korean drama #kdrama #hospital playlist #wintergarden #winter garden #ahn jeong won #jang gyeo ul #yoo yoon seok #shin hyun bin #shin hyun … "Love is not an affectionate feeling but a steady wish for the loved person's good as far as it can be obtained." @Wintergardener @akikisetsu @40somethingahjumma woot woot ....welcome aboard !! He had revealed that Jeong-won didn’t spend the weekend at Yangpyeong, as he had told Gyeo-ul, but at his house. It seems he started thinking twice. Ahn Jeong - Won = Garden Jang Gyeo - Ul = Winter Lee U - Ju = Universe I've been trying to look for the meaning of other characters' name but I find it difficult since I don't know about Korean and Hangul. Ahn Jeong Won/Jang Gyeo-ul Characters: Ahn Jeong Won Jang Gyeo-ul Lee Ik Jun (Hospital Playlist) Kim Jun Wan (Hospital Playlist) Chae Song Hwa (Hospital Playlist) Yang … Thank you! Unlike her, he had already changed out of the scrubs and she knew that he was on his way home. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. How did you do it before! In the drama, Shin Hyun Bin played Jang Gyeo Ul, a resident at Yulje Hospital who harbored a one-sided love towards pediatrician Ahn Jeong Won … When Gyeo-ul completed her first solo surgery, we were so proud of her. I really need you WGs cause the wait is long and second thoughts are coming.I dismiss them but they keep coming back. IONTBO, Yay!!!! When Jeong-won sang Confessions Is Not Flashy, we melted into a puddle. The patient's guardian had influence among the … I want to see things being resolved ON-SCREEN!!! , Hi there.. thanks for the welcome @wallflowersforjane. In a desperate last-ditch attempt to keep him at the hospital, Gyeo-wool confesses that she likes Jeong-won. You shall be Captain Emeritus of the Wintergarden Ship. I am used to be superspace and glad to be back to Winter Garden thread! It was now or never. She walked slowly to his door, like she had many a time before, but unlike those times, she knocked and waited for him to ask her in. CW : (K )  Kairos/ The Spies Who Loved Me/ Awaken / The Uncanny Counter. Thank you @abs-oluteM and snowlou for the link. Gyeo-ul stood in the shadows and watched as Jeong-won made his way to his office. Jang Gyeo-ul did something that was hard for everyone else… with relative ease. We’re expecting wedding & babies . I only own the editing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use\" How does Jeong-won incorporate Gyeo-ul into his life, how does Gyeo-ul balance a relationship with such a heavy workload and her career progression. Should I start worry that our ship is the first to ship when we have 2 more seasons to go? In tvN’s “Hospital Playlist,” Shin Hyun Bin played resident Jang Gyeo Ul who had a one-sided crush on Yoo Yeon Seok ‘s character Ahn Jeong Won. Redeemed the Start UP OST! Hơn hết, việc cứu sống những thiên thần bé nhỏ của Khoa Nhi là lý do to lớn hơn cả. And not Ahn Jeong-won had learnt something that day. Seorang dokter residen Bedah Umum, Jang Gyeo-ul yang memiliki julukan tertarik pada Jeong Won sementara Jeong Won mengira kalau Ik-Joon yang tertarik pada Gyeo-ul. Even he was capable of misjudging people. Or do you think they will go back in time to show JW’s point of view ? I miss reading & spazzing with you guys ! Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim Season Two 3. Thank youNO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED\"Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \"fair use\" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. I added it to the first post! Oho, don’t think we actually need a captain for this ship cos it’s on auto-pilot mode  , Jang Gyeo Wool can't get over Ahn Jeong Won and Lee Ik Soon is planning to break-up with Kim Jun Wan in Hospital Playlist episode 9.  I am thinking of thread title this week and how to beautify it! Two seasons will  need some plot . Jeong-won initially didn’t like Gyeo-ul because of her cold nature. I will do my best to uphold your WG legacy! It has been three weeks since GyeoUl talked to Mrs. Rosa, Professor Ahn Jeong Won’s mother. @wallflowersforjane I have transferred trade ownership to you ... Eep! Lol. Dokter Ahn Chi Hong menyukai Song Hwa. Ik-jun thought it was odd of Jeong-won to be so unaccommodating to the point of lying, just to get out of eating with someone. Professor Ahn cares and likes her a lot, doesn’t he? I think that was one of the things that viewers kept bringing up  . So far my top 2020 K-Dramas are 1. Gyeo-ul yeon-ga (hangeul: 겨울 연가, lett. È considerato il drama coreano che ha lanciato la hallyu in Asia e nel resto del mondo[1]. triplem here . Please feel free to start posting any WG thoughts, analysis, fan-art, fan-fics you encounter. Jang Gyeo-ul, contrary to all expectations, was someone who beat to a different drum. Episode terakhir musim pertama di akhiri dengan gantungnya hubungan Ahn Jeong Won dan Jang Gyeo Ul, serta Lee Ik Jun dan Chae Song Hwa. Hope to see our wintergarden couple being cuteeee and adorable in season 2. @wallflowersforjane   i hv booked the space ! December already? I started getting my hopes up when I noticed the chocolate scene in Ep 4 when as the doctors’ meeting adjourned, Jeongwon casually and quietly slid chocolates to Gyeo-ul who was munching on chocolates throughout the entire meeting. I think if they wanted to include the virus pandemic in the story (to make it more grounded in reality) there won't be much of a time skip. Oho, don’t think we actually need a captain for this ship cos it’s on auto-pilot mode  , Yeah, we are all rowing in the same direction! Have been silently lurking in twitter and reading WG fanfic is my daily routine for the last 3 months . Sign up for a new account in our community. Với Jeong Won, Gyeo Ul chắc chắn không phải là lý do duy nhất khiến anh từ bỏ giấc mơ làm Cha xứ mà ở lại Hàn Quốc. Hospital Playlist is returning with episode 8 on tvN tonight, April 30, at 10 pm KST and it may feature Paediatric Surgeon Ahn Jeong Won's love for third-year resident Jang Gyeo … Super-protective Jeongwon does his best to protect Gyeoul from the attacks and the harsh words people being thrown at her. Never forget that he was the first one to enter the room and cross the line (there was a whole door and room theory about wintergarden) If he liked her, he would not reject her request for dinner last time. Sonata d'inverno; titolo internazionale Winter Sonata, conosciuto anche come Winter Love Story o Winter Ballad) è un serial televisivo sudcoreano trasmesso su KBS2 dal 14 gennaio al 19 marzo 2002. Setelah An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Search Works Work Search: tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos I miss you  all so much.Glad to found you . He’s been focusing on that dream until Jang Gyeo-Ul, someone who clashes Jeong Won's warm personality with her cold personality, enters his life, redirecting his thoughts. It is from them that Gyeo-wool gets an idea and she decides that if not now, then she will never get the chance or the courage to ask him out. Shrine-building is tough! I was really happy that emoticons was allowed in the title. Don't hesitate to promote your own as well. Are we. Their encounters make us see the other side of Jeong Haha nicely compiled, @wallflowersforjane, I don’t think these should be glossed over for a slice of life drama. For the 12 long episodes of Hospital Playlist Season 1, Wintergarden Detectives examined, analysed, speculated, hoped and prayed for the coming together of paediatric surgeon Ahn Jeong-won and third-year general surgery resident Jang Gyeo-ul. When Gyeo-ul said she liked everything about Jeong-won, we were surprised. Is season2 gonna start off whete s1 ended or there'd be a time lapse? It's adorable. When they worked together, we quivered. I think I am just the housekeeper to keep it clean and tidy , I’m hoping , down the road , we get a medal / badge like that for our ship. All rights belongs to the respective owners.