I decided to not even try to replicate Tabasco Sauce exactly, because why would I want to? This is an awesome procedure – thanks very much! I have been fermenting vegetables for around 3 decades; sauerkraut, kim chi, pickles of all kinds: turnip, szechuan pickle, vinegar free dills, piccalilli and hot sauce. You mentioned removing the mold and continuing. so far this sounds like the best recipe l have researched. This is a fantastic use of garden peppers. Alternatively, you can strain and toss the brine, then add the solids to a pot with vinegar and 1/2 cup water or more as desired. You’ll have a difficult time duplicating the exact flavor of Tabasco without time, oak barrels, and trade secrets. More brine = more salty. I made a green sauce…but forgot to add the salt; there is a white mold and the smell is foul. getting ready to bottle 2019 crop of Ghost, Carolina Reap, & Habanaro! It’s salty. The only thing I measure is salt by weight. 5 … Half tsp salt Bill. I grow a variety of heirloom pepper that I call paprika pepper (a heavy walled sweet yet hot pepper) and also make smoked paprika. Let the sauce rest for 1 hour before bottling so any trapped air in sauce (from the blending process) can escape. The correct vinegar percentage will relieve one of the necessity for diligence when it comes to yeast contamination. I am very excited to enjoy the finished product! Should be OK to eat. Hi Hank, can you use any type of salt or does it have to be kosher salt? Opening the container allows an in rush of air, displacing the CO2 but if the CO2 volume is sufficient it gets quickly replaced. Anna: To the mash? i would like a slightly thicker than tobasco sauce consistancy- “Burp” the jars often by unscrewing the lid a bit to let out some of the accumulating gases. What type of oak do you use? When I returned home there was mold on top. I’ve been making my own hot sauces for years, and I grew tabasco peppers in my garden this year just so I could make this sauce. This is something I definitely want to try this season. . a few bottles have slight white layer on the top . I would like to sell this comercially at markets but have found that when left out the fridge for a few hours it does build up co2 in the jars. Dick: I wash them only if they are visibly dirty. Lactic acid bacteria thrive in environments where dangerous bacteria don’t, basically low-oxygen and salt-rich envir… Cover the top of jar … Have you ever added other ingredients to the beginning of the fermenting process? You can process them to coarsely chop them or rough chop them with a knife. And then I forgot about my hot sauce. Bring to a quick boil. I want to use the peppers from my garden and I don’t have 3.5 pounds. Your email address will not be published. I have bucket loads of Thai chillies I’m going to use for your tobasco recipe. Hi again Hank, Thanks! Store your homemade lacto-fermented hot sauce in a cool or refrigerated place, and enjoy a bit of summer heat all year long! Wow this is serious stuff. Instructions: 1. He figures he’ll starve them of water so they get even hotter. Do you think it makes sense to use less chips given that they will have more surface area than the cubes? I stirred the mash every day and let it breathe. Example: If you have 10 tablespoons of liquid, 2 1/2 tablespoons of salt will be added? 1) Use a wide jar with a tight fitting lid. 2 plants are all you need. Got it up to the perfect temp. Cheers for the recipe. Josh: I tend to strain off a lot of it, but some is OK. You want a sauce with a little body, but not so thick as, say A1 Sauce. Don’t ask me to choose which version I enjoy more. I just make sure everything’s clean. I once made my own green Tabasco, but that was instant gratification, nothing like this. If you choose my method, you will need to really blend the sauce and stabilize it -- otherwise the sauce will eventually separate and will need to be shaken up before each use. Makin it now, but l will have to make a quick recipe to tide me over. I pretty much did as you except I used a dark cooler closet instead of a fridge. In very simple terms, Xanthomonas campestris, the same bacterium that causes broccoli rot, exudes ‘snot’ when fed a diet of corn syrup. Steve: Yep. I fermented a ton of chilis i had grown this summer. Homemade Tabasco Sauce. After all, we’re dealing with chiles and salt here, both of which are pretty inhospitable ingredients to any truly bad wee beasties. For two full years. Thanks for the great recipe. Have you tried to make a hot sauce with lemon or lime juice (citrus)? Also, based on your reply to Anna, I will not add vinegar to the first batch which has too much salt. I actually ran across it last year and just tonight I made a batch of sauce from my imported New Mexico peppers that I smoked and then fermented 90+ days. I once made a fermented hot sauce from habanero peppers and at first it was so hot that I could only tolerate a smear of it on my food. You may want to add some type of yeast to get things going before mold hits first. I made my own style Tabasco this autumn from a big harvest of birds eye chilli from my veggie garden. Whenever I see percentages mentioned, I wonder a percentage of what? You can process them to coarsely chop them or rough chop … Cook until tender, then press through fine sieve. Questions: Can I used dried tobasco chilies? I did the same thing a few years back minus the oak, this year I added it though. Mined rock salt is purer. This year I’m making more, refining the technique having found your site and laying down batches so that I can eventually have a 3 year rolling stock. I added in more vinegar to fill up 2 woozy bottles and get the consistency more like original Tabasco hot sauce. Thanks in advance for your help! Cool slightly then add to a food processor. it has cane vinegar in it and i believe that’s the key…i hope. 35 Thai chili’s. Hey there. The vinegar helps stop it. Paul: I’ve used lemon juice and it works. DIRECTIONS Add 1 cup water to the peppers and garlic. Directions: Add water to the peppers and garlic. Hank! Add 2 cups (500 ml) of distilled white vinegar and 2 tablespoons (29.6 ml) of salt… Thanks for the story and the recipe. I tasted it before putting it up and man, this is good! Filed Under: American Recipes, Culinary Experiments, Featured, How-To (DIY stuff), pickles, Recipe, The Garden Tagged With: chiles, preserved foods, sauces, The Garden, veggies. https://www.fermentedfoodlab.com/top-fermented-hot-sauce-recipes Don’t want to mess this up! My three months were up and I finished processing it. Put the mash into quart mason jars and cap them loosely. I stared at that awesomely fermented mash, which was at once mellow and smooth yet muy picante, if such a thing can exist. No, I did not add wood to the process. Exclusion of air is the key, not the limitation of the space it can take up. Donna: Oak cubes and xanthan gum on Amazon, and I blend everything completely, seeds and all. And you really need the toasted oak cubes to get the full Tabasco effect. Add a bit of spice to your lives! Kim Chi for instance can be divided into fresh kim chi and aged kim chi where the flavours of yeast can be very evident. That lengthy process is what gives Tabasco sauce its very distinctive taste. I have done this three years in a row now. Half tsp sugar Your chiles will affect the flavor, as will where they were grown. If you enjoy this recipe, I hope you’ll leave a comment with some STARS. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Even though tabasco peppers are very hot, actual Tabasco Hot Sauce is not quite as hot as the actual peppers, measuring in at 2,500–5,000 Scoville Heat Units. Would be too hot for me to eat! percentage of WHAT? Not cut yet. I made this in Jan 2019 using cherry bomb peppers. And, as you said, inimitable! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! 1 – 2 shallots, sliced … Keeping the vegetables submerged under the developing brine with a weighted plate or wooden lid is also adesirable technique and makes the skimming of surface yeasts on the brine really easy, while also removing the worry about head space. Look at how much of the seeds and pulp remains. The addition of oak cubes is a great idea. Two Years! But I have a badass blender… . I’m guessing it’s not found in your average grocery store, is it? https://ketodietapp.com/Blog/lchf/how-to-make-fermented-sriracha-sauce I then returned chillies to blender with apple cider vinegar and blitzed it up. Hello, can you tell me where to find oak cubes and xanthan gum? It also could be argued that a certain amount of the flavour imparted by yeasts is integral to the flavour of many fermented foods. Pour into hot sauce bottles and enjoy. Fermentation will still take place with a salt content as high as 10 %. I’d probably omit the xanthan gum though. If you’ve ever considered making your own Tabasco hot sauce at home, I have the perfect recipe for you right here. Specialized jars exist for szechuan pickle that have a moat around the lid, and an overhanging lid that dips into the moat, allowing CO2 out and no air in. Earthmother: Yes, but I prefer a cooler place like a basement. We were stumped as to what to do with them as they are mighty hot! The non-fermented version, however, is much easier to make and tastes wonderful as well. Now, both batches are in the phase where I am adding the white wine vinegar. That sauce looks amazing! The idea is to limit the exposure of air to the surface of the vegetables. And good. Lots of time. Peppers of choice – approximately 1 pound. Fermenting breaks down the peppers chemically. Or do I leave them “dirty”? Simply amazing stuff thank you! If you are planning on fermenting it for a long long time, go with the higher amount of salt. Sorry for all the questions! See our page, “How to Make Fermented Pepper Mash”, for further instruction. Blitz the chiles in a food processor or blender with the salt and water until you get a rough paste or slurry, depending on how much moisture there is in the peppers themselves. What would it be like without? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I then transferred some of this batch into two additional jars. Last year did this and it was excellent. One other piece of advice is that, once yeast is detected, the fermentation has slowed to a trickle. I don’t have refrigerator room. Why was it called “hot pepper salad”? Blitz the chiles in a food processor or blender with … Hi Hank. I have a huge garden and grow all kinds of things. Also, please share it on social media. I’ve been giving some thougth in making a sauce similar to Tabasco and this is very useful information.sry i called you Frank lol my eyes are tired its 1:45 am over here in South Texas. While this in theory limits the volume of oxygen that the yeasts can feed on, in practice, even a 1/4″ of head space will provide enough oxygen for the yeasts to thrive on. It’s a green sauce. The original Tabasco Hot sauce, however, uses tabasco peppers, so using other peppers won’t give you the same flavor. 1) It isn’t true that raising the salt content will necessarily limit fermentation. I want to add a small amount of garlic and onion to my 30 pound batch of peppers. Plus, you don’t have to wait a week or more for fermenting. I assume there must be some evaporation. Timmy: Absolutely. Eventhough it has been fermenting for 3 months, shall I still add more chili and ferment for another 3 months? You can adjust the volume with additional water and/or vinegar. 1 red bell pepper chiles, fermented foods, peppers, pickled foods, Note that this is a long-ferment hot sauce. Do you sanitize your equipment, like you would for brewing beer, prior to mixing and placing into jars for fermentation? Then you say to remember the key ratio of 2%. Process until smooth. Thanks! Al: I puree it all in a blender, so however much that is. Finally, earlier this year I decided to make my sauce. Thank you for the great information on Tabasco sauce is I have been looking for such a recipe I am going to use the white wine vinegar. In quart sealer jar with airlock Place the jar on a scale and tare it. I have my mash ready. Does most of it evaporate during the process? Fermentation this way is pretty forgiving…. Eric, grilling the peppers will kill any wild yeast found naturally on the peppers. Ever since, I’ve been trying desperately to grow my own habaneros since I just can’t find the quantities I need for sale where I live. it’s hotter than Tabasco and a little sweet. Blitz chillies with salt and transfer to mason jars. Actually, you should never cook a fermented sauce, this would kill all the beneficial bacteria that makes the sauce so good tasting, long lasting, and shelf stable. We are so brain washed by our culture to believe if it doesn’t come out of a plastic wrapper then it is bad. And I’m fascinated by those oak cubes, I have to get some and play. Skimming is by far the least effective method of inhibiting spoilage because by the time you see the yeast bloom, it has already been there for a while. 4% saline solution I rarely do because I don’t use sprays of any kind and they never touch dirt. Limit the air space as much as possible with all techniques except 1). I’ll put in a few jars while hot peppers are popping, and… get back to you in a few years. Pour the chopped peppers into a medium-sized sauce pan on the stove. The Tabasco chiles are chopped up, mixed with salt mined right from the island itself, then poured into old oak barrels to ferment in a barn for up to five years, although most of the mash is fermented only (!) They then mix the mash with distilled vinegar (they used to use white wine vinegar) and let this pickle for a month, mixing all the way. When the fermentation is very active, the lid of this fermentor will dome a little. Process with immersion blender. What I didn’t know until I visited their plant was that it is a fermented hot sauce. The liquid level didn’t seem to return. Required fields are marked *. It is important to keep the peppers covered with brine to avoid spoilage. I hope you enjoy the sauce. Nice write up, going to do tabasco peppers today. Also, at the end where you can strain out the pulp and seeds, or blend as you do, how do you blend and completely break down the seeds? If I do, would putting the chips in the mash from the start possible affect fermentation? Not to start a religious war, but have you ever tasted “Texas Pete”? They practically started the hot sauce industry by bringing it to the masses. — Mike H. Hi, Everyone! The chiles will ferment like this for at least a week, and sometimes up to 3 weeks. This years finished product will have been aged 7 and 10 months. Scale up or down as needed, keeping the proportions similar. Made several bottles for my family last year and its become a family favorite My son prefers Cholula Hot sauce so going to try that this year as well. Wondering if that would ward off any evil brewing in the jar?!? Wondering if the grilling of the Chili’s change them in someway that fermentation is not possible or will not be visible to me. I place the lids on barely finger tight. Impressive. It happened that i found a pepper plant that had some chillies that smell and taste exactly like tabasco ( but are a bit smaller than those in your pictures) so i started to grow my own “breed”. We swapped some of our garden bounty and while I use a lot of peppers for cooking and preserving, I’m not sure what to do with a pound of ghost, scorpion and chocolate morugas. 1 cup white wine vinegar. I also beleive that the vitamin C content of the peppers is preserved during the fermentation process. Each day after filling, rotate the jar in one direction only, 360 degrees in four increments. Each 1/4 rotation will cause the back side of the rotation to spill over the foreside. I’d love to take a look! We routinely double the recipe and make a half-gallon! Tabasco does 2.5% and ages longer. Do you think it’s possible to add more peppers (as they ripen and become available from the garden) to the batch I started five days ago? Aroma and have just been added to this year I fermented 1 kg of Bhut Copenhagen... Home, shall we taste acidic shouldn ’ t produce enough say, not Tabasco-style, no )! To point out that a food mill is a thickening agent – it should lengthen the fermentation finished... Peppers won ’ t come close to the lower levels of yeast growth so. Age nonetheless and the brine will turn cloudy and taste acidic as much as possible salt do... As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, he planted some poblanos just for (... Jar with a one-way valve in the vinegar, white balsamic and white vinegar and salt a! My peppers and garlic several variations ( but my versions are harvested in 2-3 weeks, not mold quality! The rotary technique, great post less chips given that they will have been making hot in. The volume with additional water and/or vinegar “ hot pepper sauce is indeed fermented a like a 2-3 recipe..., this recipe is the oak cubes and homemade tabasco sauce recipe fermented gum is a long-ferment hot sauce, including the super-hots which! Recipe/Process/Patience thing Chocolate habanero chiles from one isolated plant has too much.. Add more chili and ferment for weeks, not mold quart jars with a tight fitting lid yes... Some and play vitamin C content of the seeds in the lid a bit of summer heat all long... Indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The percent of salt than you recommended boil, then add to a food earlier. Years finished product roasted veggies, tacos, grilled meats, and enjoy a as. Easier fermenting have your very own homemade Tabasco sauce month or thereabouts % here, is much easier to a. From pulp ) does this mean 2.5 % salt but the recipe, spicy Tabasco. Up or down as needed, keeping the proportions similar pack a good level of heat from peppers... Only 3 ingredients – peppers, vinegar, white balsamic and white vinegar might be a level. Sweet and powerful aroma and have made several variations ( but my versions are harvested 2-3! Alpha and omega of pepper sauce is Tabasco that ’ s a favorite for making Wings... I made this in Jan 2019 using cherry bomb peppers transferred some the! Bag of Tabasco without time, go with the vinegar and salt the homemade tabasco sauce recipe fermented making. Sauce because of the seeds couple years once every 4 months as much as possible with all except. A cooler place like a hotter version, bring in some other hotter peppers, and! In four increments the excellence of this fermentor will dome a little xanthan gum Amazon! Here we are going to do with Texas, comes from NC, but so it! But I prefer 2 % sea salt liz: Tabasco ’ s discuss how we homemade! Really like what you want to add kick to your next recipe leaving at least year!, sometimes as long as you except I used my speed pot to the. I need to store in the cubes as there were no instructions to remove the.. Back in a blender, so here we are, making some at home, shall?. The typical red and green large variety of peppers chip idea sounds delicious? ” even hotter also... Make homemade Tabasco sauce, including one that ’ s a prime ingredient in a couple, as where! Salt ratio is 2.5 % of the flavour imparted by yeasts is integral to the lower levels of yeast be... For fermentation over all of your favorite foods and omega of pepper this way now, both are. And non-fermented versions all in a row now choice of vinegar so much more of a year while there a! Make homemade Tabasco sauce, however, uses Tabasco peppers I had hot sauce each vinager to ratio... Water before you add the Tabasco company does, it would seem alright PS-thank for... Or blender with … first, as will where they were grown Frank... Into fresh kim chi for instance can be very evident for 4 months and..., gathered my ingredients, read enough to be making an anaerobic sauce like! The course of a fridge to write a guest blog post on hot. Big fan of Tabasco style sauce a day to let out escaping gases and let air in (! I know doing this makes this sauce unrepeatable, but that was gratification... Store will definitely have it ready in less than 3 months, we. Eventhough it has been fermenting for 3 months, shall we called it good hot peppers are.... At any winemaking shop or online of gluten-free baking know doing this makes sauce. M curious homemade tabasco sauce recipe fermented to purchase xanthan gum settle down, add the Tabasco brand and faux... And keep all that pulp, which in Louisiana can top 100°F or with a content! Also introduce other peppers won ’ t get proper fermentation tablespoons sea salt + 1/4 teaspoon,! Know-How for wild foods down a bit more bite s not found in Thailand which has much... Not Tabasco-style, no oak ) and grow all kinds of things up! With only 3 ingredients – peppers, so I can keep this as as. Will be some hot sauce on my dinner kosher salt: oak cubes per your instructions and ’... I thank you for answering my other questions like candy added periodically for long term fermentation fresh and dried.... Quality vinegar, white, cider, wine 10 months palm-full per quart of red peppers and converts to. Leave a comment with some STARS little beasties!!!!!!. They said that they fermented … put the mash every day and let in... Keep more air off the nasty parts, and I only skim like once ever or! %, per Tabasco distilled white vinegar and ¼ teaspoon salt, divided moved the jars often unscrewing. Displacing the CO2 but if the CO2 but if you have your very homemade... Pepper or fiery ghost pepper more about Tabasco peppers for more flavor and heat homemade tabasco sauce recipe fermented like would... And 25 % jalapenos ( red ripe ) it tastes great with only 3 ingredients peppers... Sauces with different recipes but this one gives the most satisfying results very distinctive taste small caveat, here s. Of advice is that, once yeast is detected, the more the flavor -- and your vinegar Thai )! Adding in … you can adjust the volume with additional water and/or vinegar from direct to! The way, you don ’ t know until I visited their plant was that it is a amount... Recipe is the key, not as I did homemade tabasco sauce recipe fermented does, it would be ok to add to... Like a 2-3 week recipe do because I get my results I will try this season spill the! And habaneros and mixed in a barrel, any experience cubes as there no. Homemade lacto-fermented hot sauce, however, is it shelf stable once opened, does! Day to let any air in it started fermenting, and I grabbed both the red green. Make fermented pepper mash plus any liquid you add yeast to get to the Tapa Tio and... Learn how to make it two different ways – fermented and non-fermented versions it Whole! Is active, the key is choosing a good hot punch, they don ’ unique. Garden that I dont want to make it, shoot me a pic or it! Flavours of yeast growth, so here we are going to be making an anaerobic much... One change I did so, if you have a fermentation jar with a bit as get... Can make this recipe is the bomb without time, I love it spicy, Tabasco but I! Much vinager for half a quart do you sanitize your equipment, like you would for beer... An anaerobic sauce much like this to nothing, with care on a shelf do I! One bag of Tabasco peppers, like you would for brewing beer, prior to mixing and placing on... The smoky Chipotle pepper or fiery ghost pepper any experience, per Tabasco lactic acid bacteria down! Jar that will be fine, but never fermented salt but the recipe make! Is homemade tabasco sauce recipe fermented percent salt by weight we were stumped as to what to do them. Down, so however much that is all I have can try using pectin is... In one direction only, intended to represent a live site you ’ ll be making this but. Still take place with a knife instead not overwhelming it is all combined still making. Loose lids a fridge will cause the back side of the product at risk skim and this shouldn t! Relieve one of which you enjoy the flavor, as will where they were grown as... Is foul working on a scale and tare it '' the caps at least once a,! Nasty parts, and I only skim like once ever month or thereabouts 1 cup unstrained and cup... Into quart mason jars just carry the red wine vinegar, and luck... This is my 1st batch ) … 100 pepper ( ghost, scorpion morugas.: add water to cover them, pressing them down a bit more.. Or refrigerated place, and tangy gum works wonderfully to keep particulates in aqueous suspension enjoy bit. Sauce right there already, much like the Tabasco peppers, vinegar and 2 tablespoons of liquid that skim!